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The Secret of Clarice Lispector.

The Secret of Clarice Lispector. The truth no one has ever told.

Why was the most important Brazilian writer in the 20th century, considered the greatest Jewish writer since Franz Kafka, was known as 'The Great Witch of Brazilian Literature?' What sort of bond did Clarice Lispector establish with the magical universe of sorcery? Why her close friend Otto Lara Resende always warned her writer to be careful with her texts, saying they were not only literature but witchcraft? 'Number 7 was my secret, kabbalistic number.' There are 7 keys with which all the songs that exists or that will exist' can be composed. There is a recurrence of 'theosophical additions', numbers that can be summed up to reveal an amount of magic. I assure you that 1978 will be the real kabbalistic year. Therefore, I commanded to polish the instants of time, to shine the stars, to wash the moon with milk, and the sun with liquid gold. Every year, I start to live another life.'
Despite having died weeks before starting that so called kabbalistic year, those ritualistic habits and her obsessions for numbers can supposedly clarify why Clarice has promptly accepted the invitation of warlock Simon to participate as a lecturer in the First World Congress of Witchcraft.

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